• DQS: Quantifying the subjective.

    Device manufacturers have long depended on expensive consumer preference studies to help evaluate display quality. But now, manufacturers can quantify perceptual quality improvements in their products by using a new 3M tool: the Display Quality Score (DQS). It calculates expected viewer perceptions of quality based on display size, resolution, luminance, and color gamut. With 3M DQS, manufacturers can more easily choose which configuration of display characteristics will achieve the best mix of market appeal and profitability.

    Learn how 3M DQS works

  • The status of wide color gamut UHD-TVs.

    Walk the aisles at the CES and NAB shows this year, and you’ll see a lot about ultra high-definition (UHD) television. Not only does UHD offer more pixels (4k displays and larger), it promises “better pixels” through wider color gamut (WCG) and high dynamic range (HDR). And that’s where things get complicated. In this extensive white paper from Insight Media, Chris Chinnock explains WCG and HDR, and challenges of building displays that fully deliver the potential of UHD.

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  •  An image of a tablet with colorful circles on the display screen.

    スマートフォンのディスプレイをどこまで明るく、薄くできるでしょうか。その答えが分かるようになりました。無料の3MのDisplay Solutions Max Designアプリをダウンロードして、様々なフィルムスタックを構成することで何が実現できるかご覧ください。アプリはApple iOS(iPad®とiPhone® )にのみ対応しています。
    iPad®ならびiPhone®はApple Inc.の商標です。

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