3M Display Enhancement and Protection Films for Industrial Applications

  • Whether you’re seeking a solution that can help protect high-traffic, high-touch displays or a solution that that will enhance the visibility of your display content, 3M has you covered. Have questions or not sure what product you need for your individual application? Our dedicated support team is here to provide specifications, drawings, 3D CAD models and more.

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Advanced technology for protecting and enhancing your electronic display.

3M films for display enhancement and protection in industrial applications

  • 3M™ Protection Films help protect displays against damage that can occur from the rigors of everyday use. Engineered with a low-tack adhesive, the films are easy to apply and easy to remove. Available in a variety of finishes to meet specific application requirements.

  • 3M™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) is a microlouver film that controls the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure (viewing angle). ALCF can be used to create privacy, control reflections or improve display contrast.

  • 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) and 3M™ Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF) are recycling, light management films that are used to increase the brightness of backlights used in liquid crystal displays (LCD). The brightness increase can be the primary goal or it can be translated to power savings or thermal management. 3M Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) can be used to increase the overall efficiency of the backlight.

  • 3M OCA comes in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. Choose 3M OCAs for touch screens, and when you’re bonding film and glass. It’s ideal for transparent graphic overlays, projection screens and other applications where an optically clear adhesive is necessary. Avionics and military displays often carry the 3M OCAs for reliability, quality and durability of design. LCD clarity, color neutrality and reliability is improved with 3M OCAs.

Advanced solutions for protection, light control and display enhancement.

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    Increased Display Durability

    Keep screens free from scratches and damage that can disrupt your view and result in costly repairs.

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    Visual Privacy & Compliance

    With personal information disclosure laws becoming more restrictive, protecting your confidential information is more critical than ever.

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    Enhanced Viewability & Extreme Conditions

    Improve both the durability and the readability of display screens, providing a new solution for users working in a variety of extreme environments.

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    Reflection & Glare Reduction

    Anti-reflection and anti-glare properties reduce ambient light reflection and diffuse mirror-like reflections that can disrupt a clear view of your display.

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