Collision Repair Applications

Collision Repair Applications

From metal and plastic repair to sanding, paint finishing and truck clean-up, 3M has the products and repair processes for you. Feel confident your repair is done professionally and efficiently using our Standard Operating Procedures. These procedures will help you consistently produce quality, time-proven solutions for any of your collision repair needs.

  • From aluminum repair to plastic repair, 3M has the breadth of products to help ensure a high quality repair – every time. Trusted leader in all areas of the body department, no matter if it is cutting & grinding or seam sealing, be confident with the best of 3M products in panel repair.

  • Perfect paint jobs don't just happen: they require quite a bit of preparation. 3M offers an extensive variety of tools to help ensure your vehicles are optimally prepped, from sanding and putty application, to masking. Achieve a perfect paint finish with 3M’s best finishing systems.

  • As the automotive industry moves toward aluminum to create more lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles, 3M offers an array of products and standard operating procedures specific to aluminum repair.

  • Whether your repairs are operational or cosmetic, 3M has the processes and products necessary to meet the requirements and challenges for repairing today’s heavy-duty and commercial trucks.

  • A range of one-component polyurethane adhesives, designed for windshield, side and rear window bonding.

  • Personal protection from potentially harmful paint spray, dust and equipment noise must be a priority. 3M can help companies identify options for their workers’ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), from our expansive lines of respiratory, eyewear, and hearing protection products.

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Collision Repair Applications - New & Featured Products

  • 3M Precision-Shaped Grain vs. Conventional Grain

    3M™ is the only one offering abrasive with patented 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain.

    Conventional ceramic abrasive grain is irregular in shape, and it “plows” through the metal, causing heat build up, slower cutting and shorter life. The revolutionary 3M precision shaped grain in Cubitron II abrasive wheels, discs and belts continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges — slicing cleaner and faster, staying cooler and lasting many times longer.

    Available in Hookit™ Abrasive Discs, Cut-off Wheels, Roloc™ Discs, Fibre Discs and File Belts.

  • PPS™ Paint Preparation System Applications

    Innovation. Efficiency. Profitability. These are the values you’ve come to expect from 3M. 3M delivers with the PPS™ Paint Preparation System. Make your job easier and save money with this innovative system that increases efficiency by eliminating the need for traditional mixing cups and paint strainers.

    Now, paint is mixed and sprayed out of the same PPS™ liner with a lid and built-in filter. Specifically designed adapters allow painters to use the PPS™ system with virtually any spray gun. A key advantage of this closed system is that it enables a painter’s spray gun to function at any angle, even upside down! Safe from outside contamination, the PPS™ system offers a cleaner, more efficient solution for all repairs from small spots to large surfaces.


    Enhance your quality, reduce solvents, minimize waste, maximize productivity and make your job easier with the revolutionary 3M™ PPS™ Paint Preparation System - now in a comprehensive range of size options allowing precise, accurate coverage.