When we collaborate, breakthroughs happen.

Collaboration is part of our culture. Built into the DNA of 3M Science. Driven by curiosity, communication, and diverse points of view. By setting our imaginations free, and being open to the endless possibility of each other's ideas, we create a wealth of inspiration to draw from as we push the boundaries of display optics.

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    Our best collaborator: You.

    We know a lot about optics, and how to maximize the amount of light coming out of a display. We understand what consumers want: thinner, lighter, brighter, more colorful—and more battery life. But we also need to know what you want. What are your business goals? What must your products accomplish?

    The 3M team doesn’t keep collaboration in-house. Let’s talk about the design you want to achieve, or the issue you’re trying to overcome, and together we’re more likely to come up with a solution that works.

    How does this happen? First, we’ll assign an applications engineer to you. That person will assemble a team to help develop a solution that suits your needs. It may take time, but we’ll work to come up with a solution that can be manufactured, tested, and eventually scaled-up for full implementation.


  • An image of a tablet with colorful circles on the display screen.

    スマートフォンのディスプレイをどこまで明るく、薄くできるでしょうか。その答えが分かるようになりました。無料の3MのDisplay Solutions Max Designアプリをダウンロードして、様々なフィルムスタックを構成することで何が実現できるかご覧ください。アプリはApple iOS(iPad®とiPhone® )にのみ対応しています。
    iPad®ならびiPhone®はApple Inc.の商標です。

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