Applying 3M Scotch weld adhesive to rubber and metal gasket parts.

Gasket Attachment

Create flexible bonds for complex shapes and materials.

Solutions for pre-formed gasket attachment

Gaskets are substrates, typically foam, rubber or paper, that act as an interface or seal between two surfaces. Their assembly requires resistance to several fluids, high adhesion to difficult-to-bond surfaces, and fast and easy application. ​​

Typical requirements for Gasket Attachment include:

  • Easy and fast application of tape or adhesive
  • Strong environmental and chemical resistance
  • High adhesion to foams, rubbers, and other difficult-to-bond substrates

Gasket Attachment Applications

  • Plastic and rubber joints are arranged together.
    Plastic and rubber joints

    Achieve full design flexibility by replacing mechanical fastening methods like screws, rivets, and welding.

  • Long and complicated industrial metallic pipes running into one another.
    Manufacturing Piping

    Bonds that remain durable in harsh environments, withstanding liquids, most chemicals, and high temperatures.

  • Advanced metal working arrangement in an industrial setting.

    Work with machinery and parts that are heavily loaded and subject to friction, without compromising strong bond strength.

3M Gasket Attachment Solutions

    • High-strength bonding
    • Replaces screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners
    • Pre-apply to trim for production flexibility
    • Ideal for dissimilar substrates
    • One-part anaerobic adhesives
    • Applicable as a curing liquid gasket
    • Work with complex metal shapes
    • Replace pre-formed gaskets
    • One part solvent-free cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive
    • Reaches handling strength in 5–30 seconds
    • Best for small very tight bondlines (<10 cm )
    • Commonly used on rubbers and plastics
    • Solvent and water-based adhesives
    • Can be sprayed, brushed or roll-applied
    • Fast, easy, and economical coverage
    • Bond multiple substrates, irregular shapes and mild textures
    • Can be pre-applied to gasketing material (for die-cutting)
    • Instant adhesion to flat, untextured substrates

Explore Industries

Design challenges of Gasket Attachments

  • Scientific beakers with plants and water.
    Chemical resistance

    3M's industrial adhesives are resistant to chemicals, oils and more, allowing them to seal and secure in harsh environments.

  • Various layers of a pair of virtual reality goggles are arranged individually.
    Dissimilar material joining

    3M's industrial tapes and adhesives are compatible with a variety of shapes and materials and exhibit strong adhesive strength. Choose an adhesive joint product that is suitable for the surface energy of materials such as metal, rubber, and foam materials.

Application of structural adhesive on a metal substrate to illustrate the science of adhesion.
The Science Of Adhesion

Explore the science behind 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives’ strong bonds, and how it equips you with full design flexibility.


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